World Cup Beers

I am reminiscing of our summer in 2018 when Derek and I went on an epic trip through Colombia and Peru. I met him in Cartagena. Then we flew to Medellin followed by Bogota before we left the country for Lima and then Cusco. We were only a couple days into our journey when this happened…

Originally written 25 June 2018

Escaping the brutal heat in Cartagena of a beautiful morning in late June while the city sits quietly restless awaiting the World Cup match, we sat at a table in a restaurant with the welcoming air conditioning. Derek and I were ready for beers. Lots of them. And the crowd was ready for futbol. What’s futbol without cervaza??? A plump waitress with a pleasant face and beaming smile proudly wearing Colombia colours walked up to us, ready for our orders. (Everyone had a smile when they walked up to us. I wonder if we had something in our teeth?) 

Looking at the colourful menu matching the staff’s colourful uniforms, the beer on the left looked good.

Cecil: Cervaza! Aguila Light! Keep them coming! (The waitress smiled a big smile. ‘Ugly American who looks like an Indian.’)

Cecil (five beers later): dude, this stuff is like water! I can’t feel a thing!
Derek: Probably cos we’re so dehydrated from the heat.
Cecil: Yea that makes sense.

We drink more beer and then some more. Some time passes by. Colombia up 1-0 at the half…

Derek: Cervaza! Dos. Club Colombia.
Cecil: Dude, I want the Aguila Light. I like the taste.
Derek: Yeaaa… about that… there’s no alcohol in it.
Cecil: Fuck bro, now that makes total sense! What a waste of a half!

If you’re not drunk after several beers, you’re either an alcoholic or drinking non-alcoholic beer. Moral of the story? Always order the beer on the right. The one on the left is a waste of time, money, and a World Cup match. 

Colombia won, so the time spent was not a total waste.


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