Almost a year ago, something happened a couple days ago…

originally written in my journal and in an email 8/13/12…

the past couple days have been the kind of days where you make sure you tell the people in your life that you love, that you love them very much. you cannot tell them enough. every day should be like that, but unfortunately every day isn’t. i love you. it’s been an amazing summer, and it will continue to be; i just had a slight hiccup to it this past weekend which started out on friday and saturday wonderfully, but unfortunately didn’t end that way.

I wanted to let you know I got mugged Sat night. I am ok now, but I spent the night in the ER. I’m seeing my doctor tomorrow afternoon to follow up. And I’m seeing a neurospinal specialist next Monday to have a further look into my neck and spine. I’m writing this mainly cos I won’t have the chance to call all of you individually, but also didn’t want you finding out second hand whether it be conversations, emails, texts, Facebook, etc. Feel free to forward this along to anyone that I may have unintentionally missed or that I don’t have email addresses for; I’ll send to FB as well to those that have a Facebook account… Deets below.

After a fantastic time Saturday with close friends in Chicago, I was mugged on my way home. This is a less than 15 min walk I have done a thousand times the last three years, as it’s right between my office and my condo. After a brief struggle where we were fighting and grappling, he overpowered (as he was a little taller, significantly stockier over 40 lbs maybe more than) me, slammed my body and head onto the sidewalk, choking me out. Just before I was to lose consciousness, I heard a few people calling 911 and telling him to get off. He left; after somewhat getting my bearings straight and not really wanting to wait for the police, they (five twenty-something’s) escorted me home. I had a massive headache, but more importantly my neck was killing me. And since I already have severe neck and spine issues, my front door guy called the paramedics and the police. I spent the night at Northwestern where they took a CT scan of my brain and neck. They noticed a degenerative cervical something or other, which is just a fancy way of saying my neck is messed up. After a few hours horizontal in a neck brace, they deemed me stable enough to return home.

I have spent yesterday and today on the couch, icing my neck and the shiner on my head, at the moment under no medication, so it’s a little painful. George was great enough to watch movies with me last night and take care of Taylor. I’m really sore, and cannot move my head or my neck very well. I was finally able to schedule an appointment with a neurospinal specialist to make sure there is no internal bleeding around my neck/spine, but the earliest they can get me in is next Monday afternoon. I don’t think there is any issue, but to be safe and because I wanted to see a doctor sooner, I scheduled another appointment, this time with my primary care physician for tomorrow afternoon.

One good thing is the guy didn’t have a gun or a knife. He didn’t take anything. So it really could have been significantly worse.Another good thing is that while I’m in a lot of pain now, I’m sure I’ll be fine soon. And it actually is getting better. And I like Mom’s idea – maybe my neck will have snapped back into place.

A great thing is that I’ve been spending a lot of time with Taylor; he’s the best as he’s been by my side the entire time (except of course when George is here).What was I thinking as I was gasping for air? I was and still am very thankful for all the family and friends in my personal and professional life, what great influences they are for me, what an inspiration they all are, and why I try to do right by all of them. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you’re surrounded by wonderful people. That’s what i was thinking and I was hoping that I get to see everyone again. Btw. This afternoon, there was a knock on my door. Taylor immediately sprang to his feet, barked the loudest bark I’ve ever heard him bark (and he has among the loudest barks of any dog I know). When I asked who it was, the guy on the side of the door said ‘food delivery’, to which I responded I hadn’t ordered any. I opened the door to find my group had written a huge card the size of a poster board and bought a week’s worth of dinner for me so I wouldn’t have to cook, but not just any dinner, from siam rice and their world famous basil chicken (the thai dish ‘pad ka praw’), other than mom’s cooking, my favourite.

Gestures like that and more, the love, concern and support that I’ve received have made me feel bad for the guy that jumped me. I don’t think he’s ever felt even a fraction of the love I get every day; and while I may be physically hurt and emotionally shaken, it’ll subside soon enough some day. His hurt runs much deeper. I hope he finds that love someday soon, so he doesn’t feel compelled to hurt anyone else ever again.


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