A Saturday with My Best Pal & Me…

“Nothing happens that isn’t supposed to.” from Winter’s Tale (a new movie Valentines Day 2014). Today was one of those days.

That was the preview to the new The Secret Life of Walter Mitty movie, which was so good, about a man who lives in his mind and one day instead decided to live it outside his mind.

And so it was, when I arrived home, I started another painting, this one I called “Divine Providence”, spending the evening with Taylor. I am laying on the couch right now as I write this, Taylor nestled up against me while he sits on the floor. He knows I’m writing about him.

I awoke at 4:35 AM this morning, excited to finish my painting and also wanting to see another gorgeous Sausalito sunrise. And so I did. Not only was I greeted with the sun rising, an elegant crescent moon said goodbye, a group of birds flying against the pretty dark blues and brilliant oranges. Settling my easel onto my balcony, I went to work.

Taylor studied me diligently, painting me in his eyes.

After quite some time, Taylor bade me for breakfast and a walk. So we went on a hike, a long one behind the apartment buildings I live – the Alta Trail, my goto in The Marin Headlands. We went for a long hike, as a slight fog gently moved thru the landscape. After an hour and a half or so, Taylor wanted more.

And so we packed into our car, and drove off to The Golden Gate Bridge. Neither of us has walked it since moving here. By this time the sun was brilliantly upon us, its rays warming the crisp morning. The Golden Gate is simply majestic, its towers standing proudly over us, protecting its citizens walking, cycling and driving along its expanse. Along the way, Taylor was stopped several times for photo shoots. The Italians, the Asians and the Brazilians loved him. We stopped to admire the beauty of the bay – Alcatraz, the new Bay Bridge (the bridge I can see from my balcony), the regal Palace of Fine Arts, Sausalito to the left (north) and San Francisco to the right (south).

We stopped for selfies.

After walking the length of the bridge (about 4/5 of a mile) and about to turn back, we were stopped by two GGB bike cops who asked us whether we knew dogs were not allowed, there was signage everywhere (none of which we saw). We said he wasn’t a dog; Taylor was more like a person. The cop smiled and, after commenting how sweet Tay was, just told us to tell the next cop that stops me that Taylor is a service dog. (Service dogs get royal treatment in the Bay Area, and allowed in places where dogs are not allowed.)

We arrived back home an hour later.

And then we napped. Midday and we are already over nine hours into the day.


After a nice two hour nap, we cooked dinner from what was in the refrigerator and pantry – two eggs, lentils, a tomato, shallots, serrano & fresno peppers, ginger, garlic, an onion, spices and rice – so we made egg curry, dal served atop rice… breakfast for dinner. After a short walk, (our legs were tired) we painted some more (trying my hand at watercolours for the first time in a long time), watched a movie (Kick-Ass 2) and slept.
Since I was gonna do all the cooking beforehand, what are you thinking for breakfast? At Whole Foods right now. We could have dinner food for breakfast?

Today was a good day.
If you had a day, what would you do? Where would you be? And who would you be with? If you have the answers to these questions, why not make today that day?


Sausalito Sunrise from My Balcony, with a Striking Crescent Moon


Taylor Staring at Me Staring at Him about to Work on “Divine Providence”
“Divine Providence” Oil Painting
Birds of a Feather Flock Together (Alternate Caption: You’re a Shining Star, No Matter Who You Are)


From the Alta Trail in the Marin Headlands
Golden Gate Selfie


On The Road Again
Taylor Proudly Posing on The Golden Gate Bridge
Alcatraz Island


Divine Selfie
We Love Selfies
Next Stop: Alcatraz
Palace of Fine Arts


Our Last Pic before Going Home
My First Watercolour in Years
Dinner – Egg Curry and Dal Served atop Rice
It’s a Wrap: Zzzzzzzzzzz…

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