Walking in on My Parents

These last few days, my parents have been visiting the Bay Area, staying with me in Sausalito. It’s only their second time here, their first since I moved here from Chicago last year June. As we drove to the North Bay from the south picking them up from our friends, I told them of the time I snuck away some five-six years ago sitting on a bench along the bay in Sausalito early one morning before the excitement of my cousin Julie’s wedding in a quaint church atop the hill. That morning, I told myself that someday I would retire here in this oasis reminding me of a quaint little town on the Mediterranean. Little would I know then that it would only be a few years before that dream would come to fruition. Three people named Jodie, Arti and Scott would play big roles in fulfilling that dream.

My parents are visiting; and the last few days have been nothing short of magical. That moment I walk thru the door after work is one of the best feelings in the world, being greeted by them and my dog Taylor.

Each morning, Taylor and I go for a short walk absorbing the beauty of the typical Northern California sunrises. These last few days have been markedly different in that this week, we have been walking back home to the sounds and smells of breakfast – to coffee (Dunkin Donuts) brewing, bacon (Black Forest) sizzling, and eggs (cage free) doing what they do. And I smile a big smile as does Taylor in the middle of our walk knowing that we have a lot of love waiting for us at home. And it’s at the very middle of these walks that I realize how lucky we are to walk in on my parents and feel their love for us. It makes me think I can do anything and everything the rest of the day.

Yesterday, I went to the office looking like Superman. Today, I’m going in looking like Batman.

That’s what a parents love can do for you. Make you feel like a superhero.







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