Just Another Day at the Office with My Dad

I brought Taylor into the office yesterday. Only seven and a half years old, he’s got the eyes and energy of youth on his side. Afterwards, he wrote this letter that he wanted me to give to my colleagues.

Dear Aunties and Uncles at the office,

Today was the day! Normally, when we wake up, dad and I have breakfast together. Lately, he’s been all over the chocolate Shakeology shake from Beach Body. Afterwards, he gives himself that look in the mirror that he’s looking better than ever. Jury’s out. Sometimes he flexes, at which I just roll my eyes.

And then we go for a walk; and I love that. We live next to the Marin Headlands; and it’s just magnificently beautiful. Sunrises here are breathtaking. Most mornings the sun is out, but even when it isn’t, I love it. I think it’s going to rain today. This is our time to bond. I usually lead the way, but make sure to look behind me every so often to make sure dad is not far behind.

Usually then, I see dad doing some work in the living room, then he’s off to work. He doesn’t come home till the end of the day, though a couple times a week he may come home for lunch to go on a walk with me. Sometimes he comes home even later, cos he has a bad neck and spine, and he tells me he needs to strengthen his core getting personal training sessions with Pilates twice a week. So some days, he’s gone longer. And I miss him on those days.

Today was different! He strapped me into the back seat and I went to the office with him!! These seat belts are annoying. It was wonderful! Right when I walked in, I took over! Being seven and a half years old affords me that kind of freedom. I can do things and say things old people like my dad can’t. I immediately saw Uncle Ryan and Uncle Erik, bowling into them. They loved me, I could tell. My dad told me the sales team had moved into another building, so everything was new to me as it was to him. I love “new”. I ran back and forth, jumped up and down, and made all sorts of noises! It was great! I met Benny. I could tell he was really young, but could also tell he was gonna be a big boy, bigger than me! Aunty Amber was his mom; and I could tell was feeding him Wheaties for breakfast. I bowled into Cecil’s boss Aunt Kate. She didn’t know what to think of me; but I’m pretty sure it was love or intense like cos I’m loveable and intensely likeable (and of course really really ridiculousl good-looking). I’m pretty sure she thought I was boss. I met Uncle Scott and Uncle Dan who liked to ruffle my hair, and played rough, which I loved. Uncle Elliot came into my dad’s office for playtime! That was so much fun I giggled. My giggling unfortunately doesn’t sound like a giggle. I gave some of my best looks to Uncle Cody, Uncle Dusty, Uncle Gio, Aunt Megan, Aunt Christina, and Uncle DLee. I’m sure they will never forget me. And I finally met Aunt Dom for the first time; and it was great!! I met Uncle Mike’s kids. I think I was a little too big and too much for them. They yelled at me. So I found someone else to play with.

I saw Aunt Ceyda and my dad get on the phone with a client. I’m not sure what “client” means but I think it’s a voice that sounds like a person coming out of a strange black box with a handle. The “client” sounded like all my new aunties and uncles I met at the office today, but sure didn’t look like them. My aunties and uncles talked with clients a lot. And then when they weren’t talking with clients, they talked with prospects. I didn’t have the heart to tell them that the clients and the prospects sounded the same to me; but I guess that’s what happens when you get older. Everyone sounds the same, even if they look like a black box. Anyways, the client made my dad ignore me for a while. I decided I don’t like clients. But my dad and my uncles and aunties did. My dad said they brought home the bacon. And he knows bacon’s my favourite. I decided since then that I liked clients and prospects too.

I was in a room with a bunch of aunties and uncles listening to Uncle Kamal. I did everything in my power to run the meeting, but for some reason no one was paying attention to me. I couldn’t figure it out. Uncle Mike’s kids were there, but I didn’t feel like they were on my side.

My dad was in and out of the office meeting with my new aunties and uncles. So I got to spend a lot of time with Uncle Chris. He was a funny guy. And he liked to laugh. He giggled when I farted. I love the smell and so did Uncle Chris! He even kept the door closed so he could keep my farts to himself. So I kept farting. I decided that I really like Uncle Chris! He liked my farts way more than my dad did. I think it made Uncle Chris work harder.

And just like that, my day at the office with my dad was over. He took me to Pilates right afterwards. I saw Uncle Dan there and met Grandpa Robert. I could tell my dad really liked and respected Grandpa Robert. I couldn’t make out everything he was saying, but clearly Grandpa Robert was really helping my dad, which made him ok by me.

I’m home now. Right after eating, I went to bed. Today’s one of the best weekdays I’ve ever had.







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