A Tale of India: Day Two in Jaipur (5/25/2014), Part One

I awoke before my 3:55 AM wake up call. The mosquitos had a field day sucking on new blood, Indian in origin, American in taste. Since falling asleep at 11:30 PM, I would wake up every hour almost on the hour from fielding their bites. It’s all part of the experience I told myself. Despite my unwanted visitors breaking up the night, I felt quite rested. I like to think of it as taking a little over four power naps in a row.

Raj would be downstairs in ten minutes and we’d be on the road by 4:30 AM. Jaipur – the Pink City – awaits.

We’ve been reacquainted with Indian Standard Time. It’s after 5 AM now, and our driver is still not here. I phoned him downstairs, awaking the porter fast asleep on the couch outside in the main lobby.

“Raj- it’s 5 AM. We’ve been ready since 4 AM.”
“But you said you’d be ready at 4:30 AM!”
“Yes.” Silent pause. “But it’s 5 AM.”
“Sorry sir! I am on my way!”
“How long do you think?”
“Thirty maybe forty minutes. Sorry sir!”
“Ok. See you soon.”

I’d be annoyed if I wasn’t already prepared for Indian Standard Time.

Jaipur will have to wait a couple hours.











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