A Tale of India: Day Twelve in Mallapally (6/05/14)

This evening, the rains came. Praying under the monsoon, I felt closer to God, thinking of the kids we saw yesterday.

India is a very religious and a very spiritual country. Whether you are Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Sikh, or Christian (or any other religion for that matter), her people devoutly believe what they believe. Most people in Mallapally are Christian. This afternoon, we attended the baptism of my second-cousin’s second son. And soon after dusk, you can hear different families start their nightly songs to God, as we start ours. After that, we read from scripture, followed by prayers for all people and all causes, concluding with an “Our Father”.

The power had once again been cut this evening. Sitting on the rooftop terrace, once again at peace with nature, we decided to start our prayers under the evening sky highlighted by the half-moon followed by clouds rolling in. Not even two minutes had passed, when God showered us with His rain. We gathered ourselves under the overhang to continue our prayers on the terrace. With the rain heavily coming down the next twenty minutes – foretelling the monsoons to come over the next few weeks – I smiled a big smile as the adults sang a song of praise.

God was showering His love upon us.

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