Do You Love What You Are Doing?

Thought about this today, after a trip to Chicago and back in the Bay Area, visiting family, friends and clients, missing Chicago but loving San Francisco (and Sausalito) loving where I am and loving what I do, helping people both directly and indirectly find the jobs and companies they love.


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Secret of My SucCecil

Over the past few months, I’ve been interviewing many candidates for open positions in my company Glassdoor in Sausalito. Our growth is exciting on so many levels. Each interview (even the bad ones) reinvigorate me and reinforce the decision I made ten months to leave Chicago and my former company – CareerBuilder.

Without fail, when I turn the interviews over to my candidates for questions, I am asked, “why did I come to work at Glassdoor?” For those that have done their due diligence (generally from my LinkedIn profile, which I always appreciate a little detective work), they’ll couch the question from the perspective that I lived in Chicago for a long time and worked at CareerBuilder for a long time. Why Glassdoor?

My answer is a little more direct (two minutes versus the following ten minute read) than what I’m about to share, but the theme remains.

Before the…

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