Wasting Time with My Boy

“I’m sitting on the dock of the bay, just wasting time.”

Taylor and I decided to make an afternoon of it. We sit here as we have so many times before on the dock at Fort Baker looking up at the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s quiet at the moment, late afternoon. It’s grey outside, and all the sounds seem muted. We see seagulls. Dolphins swim at a distance. And we hear onlookers on the dock point out sea lions. A tanker slowly passes by and a ferry takes passengers from the city to Sausalito.

My favourite part as I write this? Taylors big body presses against me, making sure I am safe and here. We take a few selfies. His tail wags joyfully as people walk by. He’s a good boy. And we are happy.

Earlier today we went to the field at Cavallo Point to run. Once I let the leash off, he was in heaven, running everywhere. He took off but not so far that he couldn’t get to me within seconds. If I stopped, he stopped. If I turned, he turned. If I ran, he ran. Pretty soon, his tongue was hanging to the ground, panting his sweat away. The boy could not have been happier. And neither could I.

What could be a better day than a day running with your boy?

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