A Walk. A Dog. Moab.

It’s been twenty months since my 2800 miles epic drive from Chicago, IL to San Francisco, CA. With that decision to leave the city that I have loved and lived in for twenty years, my life changed forever. My favourite place I visited was the night I camped out at Moab, UT. That night, it was just my dog – a 100 lb American Bulldog named Taylor – and me. And in a couple days, we will be back on our way there. This time, we will meet two of my closest friends – a hometown friend from Indiana and my old roommate from Chicago. They became friends years before I met either of them. The last time I was there, I missed the super moon by two nights. This time, I go to meet my friends and to see the super moon. Epic.

Twenty years. Twenty months. It’s only fitting that we go back now. Epic.

In this five minute video, my dog and I decide to go on a walk.

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