A Public Market. A Painting.

As I prepare for my trip to Utah to see the supermoon with two close friends Saturday night 12/06/14 at Moab, I remember my last two visits there. The first as a stop one night during the “Amazing Race” excursion we lived for a week when I was with CareerBuilder. The second time twenty months ago when I drove from Chicago to San Francisco camping under the stars in search of new adventures and in search of the next phase of my life. Third time is a charm.

What I will miss are my canvases and my brushes and my oils and my acrylics. And so I thought I would go back to my roots, when I first started painting. Because oils and acrylics intimidated me, ten years ago, I painted with watercolours instead.

And so I am packing my watercolours and my paper and my brushes on what will be another epic journey.

I recently visited my family in Seattle. As touristy as it may sound, I loved visiting its famous outdoor market – Pike Place Market. It’s not surprising that I used it as the inspiration for only my second watercolour in ten years, a precursor to my trip where the rock formations of Moab will provide inspiration for my next several pieces.

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