Little Boy. Mountain Man.

Ever look in the mirror and wonder who is this person that stares back at you?

“Who am I?
I don’t know.
I guess I have a lot of things to ponder.” (from Zoolander)

As more candles are blown out each year, that man staring back at me bears little resemblance to the boy who used to wonder who I would be. And yet, I see him in me, a lot. And I see me in him, a lot.

Today, I combed the walls of my parent’s house for old pictures. My parents are wonderful about giving us a history of our childhood, a glimpse into a past we lived, a future they created for us, love lived every day in their sacrifices for their children.With the Heirloom app I downloaded (for free), I scanned many pictures to give me a timeline of who I was and who I came to be.

I was once a boy.

And now I am a man.
A mountain man.

And so I decided to hike Arches National Park outside Moab, UT.

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