Epic Road Trip West, Part 3

I sent this text to my family yesterday, the moment I decided that Mount Rushmore would have to wait.

Hola mi familia! I have not had service till now. A little down but not out. I had to change my plans. I ran into a blizzard in South Dakota and finally halfway thru, we had to turn south from I-90 got on 83-S to I-80 in Nebraska (at 2:30p), which we will take all the way to CA. The roads are clear here. Of course, what this means is that Mount Rushmore is still on my bucket list and I didn’t get to drive thru pretty Wyoming. Tay has been a trooper, or he’s just bored out of his mind. This drive has been crazy boring, which I will take over white-knuckling it all morning. Two other points. We found gas for $1.99 in NE. The hazelnut coffee at Pilot gas stations is just horrible. I may never drink coffee again. 4:30p now in Nebraska. Just got into a Starbucks in North Platte, NE so I can text you an update. Still have no phone service; and I don’t think I’m gonna have service for a while still… Getting back on the road.

It’s Christmas Eve, 6:44 AM, and I’m in the middle of the storm of the century. The winds are howling with a gusto of which Giants would be proud. I awoke twice at night, at 2:17 AM and 4:15 AM; and I thought about leaving the rest area then. Knowing it would be safer at full light, I opted for sleep and rest instead. Good news is I slept more last night than I have in a long time.

I am in the middle of nowhere in Wyoming. Even a few hours in yesterday, I thought I could still visit Mount Rushmore. It was disappointing to admit defeat. And now, I just want to get home to San Francisco. And spend Christmas Day with my dog Taylor at home, with all my candles lit, Christmas music playing in the background, and Christmas movies playing in the foreground.

I’ve readjusted my dreams, and I think I can make this one happen. We take solace in the fact we experienced a gorgeous sunset.

Stay tuned.

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