Go Thailand: Day 3 – Sucker Fish

I’m generally game for anything but when the sucker fish came to suck my feet, even I had reservations.

It didn’t take much convincing for us to walk in, as I suggested it in the first place. When we sat down, Jasmine came to wash and scrub our feet. And so I stuck mine in first.

What I felt was like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I still have a hard time describing it. It felt like my feet were being eaten by a thousand little teeth. It wasn’t painful at all, but the sensation was such that I was writhing on my seat, jerking this way and that. Holding my breath; and violently expelling the air. Tensing my body, then trying to let go of my perception of pain or at the very least, a strange uncomfortableness. Making a lot of strange sounds amidst a lot of laughter. A lot of the pain was in my head, but then again hundreds of tiny fish were eating my feet, so maybe it really was pain!

In reality, these “doctor fish” are eating all the dead skin on my feet. There are different kinds of fish that perform this function. Some people stick their hands into the tank. Some people I’ve been told dunk their entire body, which I want to go on record, I will never do.

And so I did stick my feet in the tank for thirty minutes. And by the end of it all, they were smooth as a baby’s bottom.

Will I ever do it again?

I’m heading there tomorrow.

Sucker fish- you are my friend.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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