Go Thailand: Day 5 – a Massage & a Wedding

I had a very interesting experience at the massage place this morning. Wanting to get a massage before our taxi ride to Ko Samet, I opted for it this morning instead of breakfast. A five minute walk from Chris, I walked into the first place I could find. Met with two pleasant Thai women, I settled into the comfy chair and the older one started work on me. She cleaned my feet with a wet towel, brought them close together, one on top of the other, and pushed down. From there it was both painful and heavenly.

“From where you are?” the middle-aged woman sang.

“California,” I smiled.

She was exclaimed knowingly “California nice island!”

I couldn’t help it and smiled.

At that moment, another younger woman, oddly pear-shaped, with an inviting smile walked by, sat outside and are her breakfast.

My masseuse kept looking at her and then looking at me, then smile and laugh, but one of those laughs like she knows something you don’t.

She kept working on me. I happily grunting in pain. The younger woman walks back in, and a big conversation between her and my older woman ensues. It seems that they are talking to me, every so often asking me a question I don’t understand. Five minutes of this interaction, I distinctly heard the Thai word for beautiful said by the older woman looking at me and then shifting her gaze looking at the younger woman. I had the distinct feeling I was about to be married off if I wasn’t careful with what I said. 

And so I kept my mouth shut, smiled a ton as they laughed, but then looked away at the front door into the street scenes outside. 

Thirty minutes later, I walked out of the parlor, 200 baht lighter, still happily and safely single, my feet and upper back infinitely feeling better.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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