Go Thailand: A Prologue – Leaving Taylor

One more road trip. I am driving once again to Los Angeles from San Francisco. Tomorrow, Derek and I will be leaving for Bangkok for an epic adventure throughout Thailand. Today, I am a bit sad for I just said goodbye to my dog Taylor. Most owners project their feelings onto their dog, and I am no different. Still, I am certain that what I feel that Taylor is feeling, is actually what he’s feeling. Taylor has been moping around since yesterday when he saw me get my backpack out from the closet. I’ve been packing and unpacking. He just stares at me, from outside the doorway to my room. Taylor has a way of staring, with a certain look, that could melt anyone’s heart, even a heart of stone. And of course, I feel bad. I take him out for extra long walks. He loves it here in Sausalito. And because we have not been here for three weeks, everything is once again new. The rains while we were gone helped with that, releasing all of these wonderful new scents that Taylor didn’t smell before we left.

I drive now thinking and appreciating all the adventures I’ve had these last three months. I’ve spent quite a bit of time with people that I love; and yet did not have the time to see everyone. 

I drive now thinking and appreciating all the adventures yet to be. With my next stop in Thailand, I will reconnect with friends I have not seen in a while – one of my closest and oldest friends from high school, a buddy of mine that owns Bangkok’s first float center, a friend of mine I used to work with, not to mention friends who happen to be visiting Bangkok when I am. Small world.

I drive now thinking what’s next when I come back?

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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