Go Thailand: Day 8 – Ride the Lightning

What would it take to ride the lightning?

I relaxed on the beach reading and writing the last couple hours. By a little after 5:00 PM, Derek and Nick came back from their snorkeling adventure. The clouds were hazy and dark, and with the potential for a beautiful sunset. So the three of us were on our motorbikes once again and rode out to the lookout point a couple kilometers south to catch the last remnants of the sunset. By this time, I had become an expert on driving a motorbike, each mile more sure of myself, each mile enjoying the wind against my face more than the last. And while the sunset was not nearly as spectacular as previous nights, we stayed there for another hour. All sunsets are beautiful. Some are just more so than others.

Nick recommended the fish from the outdoor market located at the beach by Silver Sands. So by 7:30 PM, we were back on the beach. As the most adventurous eater among the three of us (and perhaps the most adventurous eater I know), he picked the cockle and the mussel, both steamed. I’d never heard of cockle before; I tried some, and it tasted like the sea. Derek grilled fresh tuna. And I chose grilled fresh squid. We picked the seafood ourselves, as they were laid out atop ice in front of us (as well as the other diners) to choose their favourite. And they were cooked right then and there in the kitchen under the stars, with only a small thatch roof separating the coals from the sky.

And so we ended the day sitting on cushions around an elevated table at the beach, with kids twirling fire in front of us, and in the distance, lightning blew up the night sky. I’d never seen lightning light the skies above an ocean floor before. It literally looked like the Greek gods were having an argument in the distance. And because I was a veteran of the fire twirlers from a couple days earlier on this trip and a few months ago from Goa, I was more interested in nature’s distant anger instead of the fire in front of me.

Metallica screamed in my head, as I watched nature dance, the scene before me significantly more beautiful than but just as threatening as the song.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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