Go Thailand: Day 13 – Go Thai Massage, Go Goodbye

Last day in Chiang Mai; and like the others, we eased into the day.  

Derek was feeling significantly better from the 12 hour bug. We picked up laundry for 135 baht for 4.5 kg worth of dirty clothes cleaned for us. Secured Derek’s berth on the train this afternoon (having received mine last night). We were getting things done. Men on the go had a tendency to get things done, even in the laziest of mornings, lazy would be better described as easy. And that was the good thing about Thailand. Things were easy here (to a point). Whether that was true or not, people were easygoing. Most people were like our tour guide Banana from yesterday. And if they were not easygoing, Thai people still took things easy. 

We went to our favourite place for a massage – “Sabai Khlaysen Massage” on Ratchapakinai Rd / 3 Flat 4 next to Chiang Mai Gate. 

Derek had been there three times; and I’d frequented twice. We had become somewhat of an expert on rating Thai massage centers, having gone to one or two almost every day in Thailand. Kwan, Jane and the other masseuse were wonderfully nice and more important wonderfully strong, thorough and accomplished. Derek enjoyed an hour long foot massage while I opted for the two hour full body Thai massage for 350 baht (like I had the other day). My body was put into a pretzel many times during those 120 minutes, as it was painfully soothing. My body loved me for it. I loved myself for it, as it was the gift that kept on giving. Afterwards, they served me a wonderful blue tea made from flower petals. While we have been to many great places for a massage in Bangkok, Pattaya, Koh Samed, and Chiang Mai, what made this one special was their friendliness and willingness to go the extra mile. They even went back to get two yoga/massage pants and a traditional Thai cotton thirst for us to purchase, not charging us any more than what the market would have. If you’ve never seen or worn Thai yoga pants, they are among the most comfortable pieces of clothing you will ever wear. For 150 baht each, they are a steal. 

I walked out of the center a little sad. This would be my last Thai massage in Thailand. 

Glad I went to the best place. Best people. 

Glad I made it count.


Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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