Go Thailand: Day 2 – Go Pattaya, NYE

New Years Eve in Pattaya was spectacular. I was with two of my closest friends – Derek, whom I met, through our buddy DaveRisner, back in 1999. Over fifteen years! Chris, whom I met back in 8th grade, in 1985. Over thirty years!! On the other end of the spectrum, I met our buddy Annile thru my friend Tad (someone else whom I’ve known since I was in the 8th grade when he was in 5th) just six years ago, having hung out with him the night before in Bangkok. Later on the trip, we would hang out with my friend Nick, whom I’d befriended during my Careerbuilder days. I remember as a kid, my dad always said to be mindful of the company we keep, that our friends could make or break you. I’ve always prided myself, and also felt so very fortunate, that the friends I had and have are such good people. Meeting and knowing my friends, it’s so easy to see why I am always in a good mood. I’ve always kept good company.

We stood on Chris’ rooftop watching an amazing fireworks display, one like I’d never seen. They sure do love their lights here.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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