Go Thailand: Go Sunrise. Go Sunset

I am no stranger to beautiful sunsets and sunrises. From my balcony in Sausalito, I am guaranteed to be given at least two gifts a day, one early in the morning and one in the evening. And so for a sunset or sunrise to really move me, it needs to be awe inspiring given what I am used to every day at home.

Thailand sunsets and sunrises are just that. Whether it be the beach in Jomtien near Pattaya, the beaches of Koh Samed, the vista lookout points in Koh Samed, or the landscape from a train journey at night, sunsets and sunrises here are an absolute thing of beauty. Almost every day, we were welcomed by the beauty of the sun and every night, we watched it go down as the moon rose.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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