A Dog and a Deer. Have No Fear.

On our trails, Taylor and I have met a few friends along the way. Some friendly. Some decidedly not so friendly. 

Of course, we meet all sorts of other dogs. Sometimes with their owner. Sometimes with a dog walker. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with a pack. Sometimes on leash. Sometimes off-leash (which can be very annoying if the owner does not have control over it, as one time Tay paid the price and got bit).

We meet all sorts of other animals too. Most of these from a considerable distance. Squirrels stay clear of us. We stay clear of the coyotes (on two occasions). And mostly, the deer stay away from us, until yesterday.

I was on the phone with my sister walking a trail with Taylor, when I stopped dead in my tracks. Taylor’s feathers got ruffled. He didn’t get excited but a low growl was starting to form. Less than a hundred feet in front of us, a deer stood staring at us. At first I stopped, just momentarily. Then moved along our path before stopping again. Bambi was not moving. And I swear there was a hidden (to me) conversation going on between my dog and the deer. I don’t know what was said, but, in what seemed like an eternity (so I could take pictures), Bambi stood still when all of a sudden, it scampered down the hill not to be seen again.

We walked for another hour with the deer on both our minds.

When we got home, Taylor sat on the balcony for what seemed like forever scanning the view for Bambi. He’d look back at me, hoping maybe I caught a glimpse. We never did see her again, though that evening, we were joined by a beautiful full moon, reminiscent of my time in Thailand.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live

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