Petals in Bliss

My favourite part of the day is becoming the very first part – the start. The routine is the same, with slight variations. Step one. Wake up with a smile, greet my 100 lb American Bulldog Taylor, and perform the sun salutations of yoga.

If I wake up before or during sunrise, then I brew a cup of coffee, and then walk out to the balcony to watch him rise.

If I wake up considerably after the sun rises, then I instead take Taylor out for a nice walk. Come back to feed him while I make a cup of coffee. And then walk out to the balcony.

Whether I am out there before or after our walk, Taylor is either right there sitting next to me, or just on the inside, laying down watching over me. As long as I’m under his watch, nothing bad will ever happen to me. And then I read or I write or I just sit there deep in thought, watching my flowers grow. As was the case yesterday, it’s been cloudy all morning. The fog sits heavily onto the bay. And the houses in the distance look like Lego structures sitting on a steel grey sheet of solid water. Today’s excitement centered around another beautiful red flower opening up to the day, uninterested in the fact there is no sun, outstretching her petals in bliss.

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