I wrote this on Valentine’s Day this year, but never posted it.

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to post something about love. Every day should be Valentine’s Day – tell the one you love that you love them, first thing when you wake up, last thing before you sleep.

It’s Valentine’s Day. And of course I am thinking of LOVE.

Nat King Cole recorded L-O-V-E in December 1964 only three months before he passed away, a crooner with an iconic voice, this one among his best songs ever.

What do I love? I love…

  • hugs and kisses from my niece Beatrix and I’m sure someday soon from my nephew August
  • the way Bea says “Dodger blue”
  • the way my parents look at their grandchildren Beatrix and August
  • the way Taylor rests his big giant lug of a head onto my stomach when I am laying on the couch
  • my epic journeys these past fourteen months: traveling to be with my family… to be with my friends… to be by myself
  • going to baseball games and college football games
  • hiking trails by the bay, in the mountains, “over the hills and far away…”
  • sunrise from my balcony early in the morning sipping a cup of coffee while Taylor patiently waits for his morning walk
  • a quiet night at home, either painting, writing or cooking… or doing all three while listening to music
  • flowers blooming
  • living and loving
  • blank lines on lists to be filled with things I love that I may have forgotten… in other words…
  • …to be continued

“Love was made for me and you.”

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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