True Love Is…

This video came up on my Facebook feed, and I just thought this was absolutely beautiful. So much so that I was compelled to write this…

Love is Blind, and yet Love Sees.
Love is Devotion, and Love is Commitment.
Love is Friendship, and Love is Laughs.
Love is Nature. Naturally, Nurture is Love.
Love is More; Love is Never Less.
“Love is all you need.” Even when you decide to push it away, because you love too.
“All you need is love.”
“Let Love Rule.”
Even if you’ll never “see” the love from the one who loves you…
Love is there. Everywhere.
Love is all around.

Love is there from the start.
Love. Just. Is.
Love will forever be.

via As His Wife Goes Blind And Won’t Accept Help This Husband Does The Most Sneaky Sweet Things! –

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