Strawberry Village

My epic journey is nearing an end, and onto beginning of the next phase of my life and of my career. It only seems like yesterday I worked my last day at a company that I loved, when in fact it’s been five months. I’ve been on a good roll the last twelve years; in two weeks, I know I’ll work for my third company in a row that I will love.

At the moment, I am sitting outside Strawberry Village’s Pizza Antica in Mill Valley waiting for lunch, about to down a delicious spaghettini with basil, garlic and fennel sausage. It’s quite pleasant outside, the weather near perfect. The sky is slightly cloudy. A few people dot the tables – two retired men by the flower bushes, a mother with two young kids off by the sun post and a middle aged couple under an umbrella. It’s a perfect scene to quickly sketch.

The spaghettini is out of this world. I still cake on the crushed red pepper, cos I like to have my nose run. The pepper is good and fills my nose; I can’t stop sneezing. On cue the kids at the far end by the post say “bless you”‘repeatedly. So cute. The two retired gentleman are talking about hydrogen energy. I drift back to the task at hand and devour my lunch, but slowly (if that even makes sense), as birds caw and fight on the ground next to me.

I am simply passing the time, contemplating what’s next.

So the big question is… What do I do for the next two weeks?

I am looking for ideas!

As I leave, I see the birds congregating on my table. I was hungry and the food was good. They would not find a morsel at my table.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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