A Bay Area Commute

A week ago yesterday, Taylor and I were walking down Conzelmel Road on the way to the Golden Gate Bridge contemplating what to do on our last week before I started working again. The last five months had been magical affording me into a glimpse of what an early retirement could someday look like. That future life looks wonderfully satisfying and perhaps that glimpse is what’s given me the window into realizing how connected we all are, how our energies have a symbiotic relationship with others, how what we do and who we are actually matter. They matter a lot.

Almost two years ago yesterday, I had gotten out of training at my new company and new job, just a couple days after arriving in the Bay Area from a 2800 mile road trip with Taylor originating in Chicago. I was thinking the same thing that night that I was thinking a week ago. The same thing I am thinking now.

I am driving from Redwood City to Sausalito, my commute home from the office.

Tonight, the skies were heavily dotted with clouds periwinkle blue and deep pink hues as I drove home from the office, my second day at my new job. The mesmerizing colours permitted me a chance to steal from my thoughts and dip back into my memories to recreate those two epic moments from a week ago and from two years ago. And so I decided to stop at both vista points at the Golden Gate to watch the sun go down to reflect upon my two years in The Bay Area.

At that moment, I felt both old and I felt young. I felt like both a wizened, bald, grey bearded veteran and a mullet-headed young buck whose nickname was bush-head. And life was both clearly in the rearview mirror as well as just a glint into my future. I was energized. My energy was derived from the love I felt for others and from the love shown to me by others.

I spent 110 months at Careerbuilder in Chicago. I loved every moment of it. I spent 18 months at Glassdoor in Sausalito. I loved every moment of it. I have spent two days at Glint in Redwood City. I love every moment of it. What I remember most without question were/are the people with whom I worked. Those that I worked for, that inspired me. Those that I worked alongside with, that inspired me. Those that worked for me, that inspired me.

At Careerbuilder, we were passionate about getting our clients job opportunities in front of the best people. And now the company is so much more than that. At Glassdoor, we were passionate about helping people find the jobs and companies they love. And they do such a good job of it. At Glint, we are passionate about helping people thrive in their jobs, where they are both happy and productive. And I believe we are about to change the world. At all three places, we were/are doing great things, truly helping society. That’s something I could believe in and have rallied around for over twelve years.

All this just from a commute and staring at a bunch of clouds and a bridge as the sun went down. Go figure.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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