My Mother is Awesome

There is so much about my parents that I love; most everything about who I am and the opportunities given to me in my life can all be traced back to their courage leaving home in India and moving our family to The States.

Among the many things that I love, one of the things that I love the most is how much they make me laugh. A couple months ago, after a wonderful conversation over FaceTime with my dad, my mom gets on the phone. Both of them are pure comedy. Though my mother is a wizard in the kitchen and has many other amazing skills, she is not a wizard with technology. As our conversation was coming to a close…

Me: Ok, goodbye Mom! Talk to you later.

Mom: Ok mone. Nice talking with you! You know. Someday I would like to see this off.

Me: See what off? (Fully noticing she’s pointing to the area on her face where if it were my face, my beard would be there.)

Mom: You know.

Me: I know what?

Mom: You know! This thing! I would like to see my son!

Me: You’re looking at him now.

Mom: Podah! (Malayalam for “shut it!”)

Me: Ok Mom. Goodbye!
(Smiling.) Mom, are you going to hang up?

Mom: I can’t hang up on you! You’re my son!

Me: As your son, I can’t hang up on you.

Mom: You have to. Ok, let me see if I can figure this out.

Me: You don’t know how to hang up from FaceTime on your iPhone? (In my best deadpan voice.)

Mom: Well…

Screen goes blank.

Me: Mom, are you still there?

Mom: I hung up!

Me: No, Mom – I can still hear you. That means you did not hang up.

Mom: I did! I can’t see you anymore.

Me: You must have pressed something else.

Mom: I definitely pressed the hangup button.

Me: Well, I don’t think there is actually a button marked “hang up”.

Mom: Oh.

Me: Mom, this is the longest goodbye ever. I’m going to hang up. Bye 😃😃

End scene.

In all fairness to my mother, she is a wizard when it comes to texting. She’s an amazing texter.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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