This Moment. Every Moment.

I sit here on my chair, its four legs supporting mine atop my balcony, as the sun proudly rises above the horizon to announce a glorious new day, the bay glossy under it, its water a shiny sheet of glass mirroring the sun, the Bay Bridge and Alcatraz far in the distance but easily discernible. Closer to me on my left, bright, red flowers bloom and stand tall, as I read old entries from a leather-bound journal I bought on the way to the stunning and immense fort Fatehpur Sikri last May in India, and now about to write new ones.

This moment is more than I could have ever known. It’s more than I could have ever hoped for. And yet, when awake, it’s the first thing that I crave. I look forward to it every night before going to bed.

Every night. Every day.

Every day should begin like this one did.
Every day for quite some time has.
Every day will continue to begin like it did today.

That is my wish.
Every night.
Every day.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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