Today’s Way I Love the Bay, Part Eight

From Ocean Beach, we drove to and through Golden Gate Park, our oasis within the city.

With a week to go before starting my new job, I was sitting on the balcony watching the sun rise, drinking a cup of coffee (as is my now customary daily ritual) contemplating what should I do on this Monday. I’ve been recording the sunrises lately using my iPad’s time lapse recording feature, the wonder of technology. It was cloudy today, which should made for an incredible video. The clouds along with the sun carry a personality all their own. Four hours of video was compressed into less than a thirty second clip.

After enjoying the sun rise, I decided to go on a road trip all over San Francisco and parts of the Bay Area. Almost nine hours driving and stopping to enjoy the roses, and condensing many of those drives from point A to point B into several thirty second time lapse videos.

I started where if I really sit down to think about it, not too far from a bench overlooking the bay in Sausalito. Years ago, when my cousin got married in Sausalito, when I was still living in Chicago, I was sitting on that bench and told myself I’d retire here. For the past five months, I’ve lived what retirement for me would one day look like.

  1. I drove through Sausalito on Bridgeway to 2nd St and Alexander Ave then East Rd to Fort Baker and Point Cavallo, for a majestic view of the Golden Gate from its base.
  2. From Fort Baker, we drove up Danes Drive thru the Tunnel on Bunker Road through the Marin Headlands past Rodeo Lagoon ending at The Marine Mammal Center before turning around.
  3. From the Mammal Center, we doubled back onto Bunker Road, turning right onto Cozumel Road past the turnaround to the top around Hawk Hill to see a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the entire city.
  4. We drove back down Cozumel Road past the Golden Gate Bridge Vista Point through the bridge stopping along the Marina.
  5. From Marina Blvd, we drove through the Presidio, along the bay, ending at Lands End.
  6. From Lands End, we hopped onto Geary all the way down to Ocean Beach.
  7. From Ocean Beach, we drove to and through Golden Gate Park, much like Manhattan’s Central Park, our oasis within the city.
  8. From the park, we made our way to Divisadero taking a moment as we went from peak to crest to admire the view of the bay from Pacific Heights, ending up at the Palace of Fine Arts.

And then we went home.

To be continued in the series entitled “Today’s Way I Love the Bay”

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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