Man’s Best Friend

Today is my dog Jack’s birthday. He was born 26 April 1988. And he passed away in June 2002. The last four years of his life, he went from being our family dog to my dog, moving to Chicago from West Lafayette, IN. Those were among the best four years of my life.

This day is also one of my best friend’s birthday, my friend Elizabeth, inseparable for so many years since the day we met. Soon after I brought Jack up to Chicago, I met my closest friend Derek, whom I’ve had many adventures since. Remembering Jack always reminds me of my friendship with both Derek and Elizabeth. 

When I think of Chicago, I always think of Elizabeth and all of the good times we had. Combing through my memories, I always think of those days and nights when we would drive around the city, the top down on my Jeep Wrangler, music blaring, a noise ordinance waiting to happen, not cos of the music but because we had such loud, infectious laughs, and we loved to laugh. Chicago is a truly magical city. I think of the summer over a decade ago, when the two of us and our friend Jennifer literally spent every single day together. We lived near the Lava Lounge; and we were there a lot. A lot. We were inseparable. And Jack would be with us. He wasn’t nimble. He wasn’t quick. He was just awesome. He was mine. And he was ours. That was a magical time to be in Chicago.

This day will always be a special day, and while I have an amazing buddy in Taylor, I always think of Jack (aka Jackyboy). He and I were inseparable. I’d been reading a lot of my journal I wrote in 2009. This entry written at 11:40 PM Monday 9 August in Lake Geneva, WI is a very special one.

RIP Jackyboy.

Happy birthday Lizzy!



Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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