Sharing My Journey in Leadership

I’ve been in leadership positions professionally for much of the past twelve years. Since starting this blog a couple years ago, I’ve had friends and colleagues ask me to post advice from my leadership experiences. For the most part I’ve been apprehensive, the only “work” posts I’ve written for my blog more about why I love what I do and a few funny stories about Taylor visiting the office.

I was happily surprised to learn a couple weeks ago that I was nominated for being “an awesome boss”, and was invited to be interviewed on a podcast highlight such individuals. While I am currently and happily in a sales role (which I believe will make me an even better leader should I ever decide to get back into the role), I was excited to say yes.

And so the 30-minute podcast below is hosted by Kandis Webb, who runs Talent Gratitude:


“As a leader, if you are passionate about who you are and what you do, and if you put your people first, you will rise; and your future will be written in their futures.”

A little bit about Kandis and Talent Gratitude:

Kandis Webb, Founder & CEO of Talent Gratitude is on a mission to interview great leaders of our world, get to know how their journeys have lead them to be amazing leaders, and share with the audience stories that will uncover & inspire the leader inside. (#bossbragging #leaderseed #talentgratitude)

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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