Sunday Fundays

I started the day the way I ended it – painting my latest and then writing about it. Everything in between was magical. My oil paintings have taken to two styles, both dominated by nature, one with strong clear-cut lines using nice expensive brushes, and the other more abstract with just a hint of the shapes I am trying to convey, using broken old worn down cheap pastry brushes. Both yield satisfying results. It was 1a when I went to sleep last night, and 6a when I awoke, excited to get back onto the canvas I started the previous night.

At a little after 9 AM, Taylor and I went to the dog park. We both socialized, Taylor with his customary rough-house play. We’d been coming here for only two weeks, and I could tell by now that I had denied him these last two years of valuable play dates. He didn’t see Cal – the immense Husky/wolf mix – this time around; but he played with smaller dogs that ran him into the ground.

Afterwards, I met my buddy Fergus for brunch at Fred’s Coffee on Bridgeway in Sausalito. Reminiscent of some of my favourite old school diners in Chicago, I immediately felt at home here. And like all joints I judge on whether it’s a good brunch spot or not, I ordered the eggs benedict. They were beyond excellent. I would be coming back.

To work it off, we drove to the Marin Headlands to an entry point in Mill Valley to catch the Tennessee Valley Trail. We walked the 1.8 miles to Tennessee Valley Beach to spend a few minutes soaking in the Pacific Ocean, as always majestic, as always mighty and imposing. I loved it and knew I would soon be back another time, making sure that Taylor would accompany me on that trek to come.

Afterwards, I joined my buddy Fro to watch “The Avengers, Age of Ultron” on IMAX. I had already seen it once over the weekend. A sucker for superhero movies, the ones I truly love, I goto watch at the movie theaters several times (already scheduled to go next weekend too). To say it was amazing, would be an understatement. To prevent spoilers, I choose to refrain from writing anything about the movie itself at this moment.

Sunday Fundays sure are different these days than it was years back. Today was a good Sunday; and I am ready to take on the week!

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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