Good morning Sausalito!I feel incredibly re-energized this Saturday morning.

Last night, I decided to take several detours on the way home, turning a certain 1:45 hour commute into a three hour road trip. I got off the 280 to hit Skyline Blvd, then made stops at South San Francisco and Daly City, before camping at a couple spots alongside Ocean Beach, finally ending up at Sutro Baths to witness some examples of love and bask in the glow of a beautiful sunset off the Pacific. Satisfied, I drove through the Presidio before crossing the Golden Gate Bridge on the way to Sausalito.

I arrived home to a welcoming Taylor, his tail happily wagging, before we went out and eventually settled into the night.

Some days are good days if for nothing else because you decide to go a little out of your way.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.
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