The Heart Has Its Reasons

I think it’s fascinating to believe that the person you will fall in love with someone you may already know, or someone who knows someone you already know. At the very least, you and s/he are on a path of destiny to someday meet or if you’ve already met, someday come to the realization that you were meant to be.


We are all connected.
Some of us are just meant to be more connected to some versus others.

I smile thinking about that.

Secret of My SucCecil

And he ended with another quote, this one from Blaise Pascal that inspired me on my way out. It had been quite some time since I had visited the yoga studio that was part yoga and part philosophy session. That was a bit of parting advice I received when I left after one mid-summer session. He could always turn a phrase; and I always appreciated his perspective on life.

“The heart has its reasons that mere reason knows nothing of.” (Blaise Pascal)

His words could explain everything that has happened in my life as it pertains to love.

These thoughts dominated my mind as I drove back in August from Cambria, a beautiful town right off the Pacific Coast Highway. The two hundred plus mile drive off the coast from San Francisco is breathtaking. Along with several close friends whom I’ve known for over twenty years (some thirty), we attended…

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