California to Indiana

When the first words uttered as you suddenly jump out of bed from a restless sleep is “F!$&#%ck!!!!!!”, an impending doom falls heavily upon you with this knowledge that today may not be a good day. It was 4:20 AM. My flight from SFO to Phoenix on my way to Indianapolis was scheduled to leave on time at 6 AM.


By 4:26 AM, I was on the road. Taylor was in dreamland, so there were no lengthy goodbyes. I sped down the 101, passed thru The Golden Gate Bridge, fought stop lights on 19th Ave, before hitting 280-S then a quick visit thru 380 and back in the 101 for a New York second before arriving back at SFO, a slight panic descending upon me as the signs for long term parking were not clear.

It was 4:53 AM. I found parking in the garage, circling up to the fifth floor where I knew there were plenty of open spots, as opposed to searching for them on the levels below. Rushed out of my car, light roller and pack on me, got onto the elevator, ran to the shuttle to have the doors closed onto my face.

I laughed I was so pissed.


My mind flashed back thirteen hours to yesterday a little before 4 PM Thursday.

Taylor laid beside me almost the entire day, as I worked from my home office overlooking the beautiful bay in Sausalito. He had spent the prior day at the vet. Poor guy had gotten really sick. Couple that with the fact he saw me pack, he was not in a good mood, crying on occasion, vying for attention all day. He didn’t want me to go. I did, and I didn’t. We both wished our family lived closer than they did. Then again, it was my choice to move us to the Bay Area. All choices have consequences.

Saying goodbye took a long time, but goodbyes we did. As I was driving to the airport, I received a text that my flight had been delayed 35 min. It was US Airways. I’ve come to expect the least from almost all airlines, but US Airways took the least to new levels of low.

At the kiosk, I was notified to see an agent cos of the flight delay.

That’s when my ordeal started.

Several hours later in line for the ticket counter, by 10 PM last night, I was notified that there was no way I was going to get on a plane to get me to my family the next morning.

I was not happy.

And so I went home.

On the bright side, Taylor was so excited to see me. I had not left after all.

I was on the shuttle now. With mere minutes to spare, luckily there was barely anyone at the airport, I made my flight on time. I’ve had some close calls before, and couldn’t believe that I made it on time.

By late afternoon in Indianapolis, I was happy to see my dad pick me up at the airport. We’d be celebrating his birthday, Fathers’ Day and my sister-in-law’s baby shower this weekend. And I’d get to see my niece and nephew.

I was excited to see my family, some of them whom I had not seen this entire year.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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