1015 and The End up

I was driving home from SFO. It was after 2 AM. I was so tired, spending the entirety of the evening flying back from Indianapolis, with a layover in Phoenix. My eyes looked like Ren and Stimpy’s eyes. And I was sad, having said goodbye to my family.

As I was driving on Van Ness, an SUV pulled up next to me, bass thumping from their sound system, electronics filling the sounds in between. And the passengers were dancing. For a moment, I was transported back in time over fifteen years to another San Francisco, one that I would visit often. The scene I witnessed could easily have been me and my friends. Those were the days of 1015 and The End Up. Years later, those places are still going strong. I loved San Francisco back then and knew that someday, I would move here. And I love San Francisco now, but for completely different reasons than I did then.

Those days were a blur, the excitement of youth speeding by. I actually remember much more of those days than when I was actually living them.

And now, gone are the days when I would be in that car. Now my spare time is instead spent on my balcony, using nature’s scenes to inspire me to paint.

I am older and wiser now.
Well, at least I am older.

It’s late, and I need to get to bed. The flight from Indiana to California takes a lot out of you.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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