The Bay Bridge and the San Francisco Skyline

It’s a beautiful night and the Cubs just won.

Walking back looking down on McCovey Cove brought a smile until I saw what looked like a mile long line quickly wiped that smile off it. Admittedly, I was tired, but I was not going to pass up a chance to ride the ferry at night. Once on board, I climbed the steps to the top deck all the way in the back under the open sky, cloudy with a whole lot of colour.

I’m on the ferry now, heading to Larkspur. Joining me are a bunch of Cubs fans amidst a swarm of Giants fans. I hear familiar words and names like Ditka, Halsted, Roscoe, Peoria and Springfield. Chicago travels well. And no matter where you are, if you ever lived in Chicago, the city never leaves you, leaving an indelible mark upon who you are, what you do and talk about, and what you believe. I’ve found this quite true across the board. Chicagoans are strong people, tough and proud.

As we leave the city, while many of my thoughts are of loving Chicago, San Francisco also occupies my thoughts. How could it not? As we pull out, the view of the lighted Bay Bridge and the skyline of the city with the ballpark neatly nestled in between, display in full splendor. It is nothing short of breathtaking, passing under the bridge giving me a jolt of energy to accompany my smile. While I don’t know this city like I knew my last, I love San Francisco too.

There is no city quite like San Francisco. It’s stunningly beautiful, a photographer’s dream.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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