The Rock

Wow, now that is a big rock!

Taylor and I decided to stop at Morro Bay for a quick lunch before heading north on the Pacific Coast Highway. Getting out of the car, an older Englishwoman walking a dog captured us into a conversation. She had 18 dogs, six cats and several other animals that I can no longer remember. She looked like she had 18 dogs, six cats, and a host of other animals.

As almost one hundred grey pelicans hugged the shore, we followed them stopping at the Abri Waterfront Restaurant where the wooden planks took us down the steps to the deck outside where Tay feasted on beef flavored jerky strips and I had the cilantro fish tacos.

We met a nice family who had six dogs of their own, a German Shepherd, three Cocker Spaniels, a Lab mix and one Pomeranian. What is with Morro Bay and their pets?

They left, but not before asking me…

“Are you a sailor?”

Welcome to Morro Bay.
We drove the entire length of the Embarcadero on our way to The Rock.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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