Sometimes You Have to Turn Left

As I always say to my papa. “Sometimes, you just need to turn left.”

My papa and I love to hike. Where we live, there’s no shortage of trails. Sausalito, where we live, is beautiful. And we live at the very top of the hills, which makes for stunning views of the sunrise and sunset and everything in between. Sometimes I like staring out into the bay while sitting on the balcony. I’m sure my papa wonders what I’m thinking. Mostly I’m thinking that I love him as I know how much he loves me.

Behind us are the Marin Headlands. It’s massive. It’s got tons of trails. And it’s my very own playground. I share it with other dogs, mostly cos I’m a nice guy and I don’t want them thinking I am a bully even though I am a bully breed.

Most of the time, we hike the Alta Vista Trail. It’s very beautiful with the bay on the left, so hiking when the sun rises is a glimpse into doggy heaven. We take it to El Capitan, which is what my papa calls the steep incline past the big trees. Of course, its not the real El Capitan that I saw with my boy Tucker, his dad my Uncle D, and my papa when we spent New Years at Yosemite. But it is steep, and you have to be careful on the way down, with all the loose rocks, you can easily slip. With our joints, we normally stop at its foot and walk back. It’s almost a couple miles round trip.

This time however, we decided to turn left to hike a half-mile down and the half-mile back up. What we found was so different and beautiful. Whereas the Alta Vista Trail is open air, this particular one was in the midst of a forest, with trees everywhere, blocking out the noise from the town until you got to the bottom when in the midst of an open clearing, you could once again see the bay. We were the only ones there, which made it all the more wonderful as opposed to all the dogs we see on the other trails. I thought this must be what Mallapally (the village in India where my papa was born) looked like. Though I was tired walking back up, I loved every bit of it.

Like I always say to my papa, “sometimes you just have to turn left.” You never know what you may find.

It’s a lot like what’s behind door number three.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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