Hello Angel Island. I Thought I Knew You.

I sit here now watching the sunrise over the Bay Bridge and the city skyline from my view on Bridgeway Ave in Sausalito where it all started recollecting thoughts I was thinking sitting here eight years ago before my dear cousin Julie’s wedding, the moment I decided that someday I would live here. Over five years went by after that moment; and as fate would have it, I moved here a lot sooner than I ever anticipated.

I think about all the things that have happened since in the last two and a half years. A lot. And I think about how we truly do create our own destiny, if we choose to do so. I’ve always said to myself that what’s happened and what’s happening is largely due to the choices I’ve made. I take solace in that thought.

Almost on cue while I was deep in thought, an older woman walks up to me. Dressed well in a red jumper, lipstick to match along with a beaming smile, she offered, “Want to know something cool?”

“Sure!” She picked the right person. I love knowing something cool.

Pointing out into the bay to the left of my view ahead of the Bay Bridge, Alcatraz and the city skyline, she stated excitedly and knowingly. “Over there is Angel Island. It used to be a military base, but that was a long time ago.”

It seems everything in the Bay Area is a military base. I’ve seen a lot of gun turrets of late.

“The top was leveled into a plateau. It was like that for a long time. Five years ago, they put the top back on.

And you see that mask behind us?”

I looked behind me onto the street we were on – Bridgeway – a street I have walked countless times, but never noticed the giant (what looked like a stone) mask on the rooftop of building 535.

“That mask has been looking at that too ever since. Have a great day!”

I returned the smile wishing her a good day as well.

And then I went back to my pelicans.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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