Attack Dog

This morning towards the beginning of our hike, Taylor and I heard barking from around the corner. A woman was walking two dogs, one of which was ~65lbs, uncontrollable, and obviously the one who was barking loudly. I took Tay off to the side where we were, and told him to look away and sit. Taylor patiently obeyed, sitting down with quite a serene look on his face, while mayhem ensued.

All of a sudden, I heard the woman scream “oh shit!” as she fell, losing her shoes getting dragged by the bigger dog. Now noticing the splint on her wrist, as she laid on the ground angry and frustrated and cursing, she was clearly outmatched by her dog.

Her dog came lunging after me and Taylor. It was like out of a movie where everything moved in slow-motion. I was surprised by my calm as I lifted my forearm to provide a sturdy barrier against the dog’s chest, which of course loosened my hold on Tay. The dog hurtled back from the force of my arm for a second. Using the opportunity to take control, I grabbed the leash on the ground, holding him at bay as he tried to lunge again at us. All the while I had my left hand on Taylor’s leash. The dog was incredibly strong. Couple that with the fact my leverage on him was not good, holding the leash at a bad angle, he got to Taylor at least three times.

Tay was a marvel, literally did not flinch and made no moves to defend himself against the other dog, which is what I feared the most. If Taylor wanted, he could have easily put him down, escalating an already bad situation into a really bad one. If I had the time, I’m sure I would have spied a yawn coming from Tay.

I finally separated the other dog from us, while the woman gained her composure. She was completely out of sorts and obviously in pain, not even answering me when I asked her if she was ok. She finally led her two dogs away, clearly embarrassed and frustrated.

I knelt down thanking Taylor profusely for not escalating the situation. I don’t think the other dog meant any real harm, but because his owner couldn’t control him and herself very agitated, yelling at her dogs, did not contribute to diffusing the situation. Crisis averted, in large part because of Taylor’s behavior. I didn’t think I could be any more proud of my dog.

Taylor and I walked away, two more miles left in our hike.

He slept the rest of the day.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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