Thomas Jefferson: Amazing Grace

I sit on the steps of the Jefferson Memorial, the last stop on my midnight stroll. I sit here looking out over the Tidal Basin, the quiet sounds of the night interrupted by a faint song that gets louder and louder. Intrigued, I stop writing in my journal and stop thinking my thoughts and I stop looking out into the waters, to get up and walk back inside. Up the steps and now into the memorial, I am greeted by the Jefferson statue as he stands tall and proud, enveloped by the sweet sounds of a young man singing “Amazing Grace” a cappella.

I had seen him and his two friends walk inside as I walked out, not knowing then how much his song would move me to emotion. Not ending there, he went right into “The Star Spangled Banner”. And if there was a crowd, there would not have been a dry eye in the house.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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