Happy New Years!!

If you were told today was your last day, what would you do? I actually think about that quite a bit. If you were going to wish for anything, what would you wish for? Out of all days you could make this wish or do what you want to do, today is the day.

A few days ago, I quietly celebrated another chance to live again. It’s a very personal celebration, usually a few words silently said in quiet thought devoting moments to that moment when my life flashed before me in the blink of an eye at 7:28 AM 12/22/08. Certain things happen to certain people at certain times that become seminal moments in their lives, and maybe they happen for a reason, the jumping off point for a life lived well versus a life not lived at all. At that very moment years ago, it was literally life versus death. I celebrate these thoughts and that moment and every moment since, by myself, very quietly and privately because for the last four years, the celebration for this day a couple days ago has instead rightfully and happily been dominated by my niece’s birthday, her exuberance the primary example that surviving that day eight years ago that life indeed is beautiful.

It’s New Years Day today, and I’ve realized that while I do put a special importance to 12/22 itself, and I always will, the fact of the matter is that I feel this way most every day I wake up. I thank God for waking up each and every morning when I do. And then start my day the way that I do, the way I imagine most people do.

If I am not home, that means I am starting my day with family and/or friends (or I am in some far-off town or city or state or country by myself ready to take on what the day will offer). And I do what comes most naturally. I go be with them. And love them.

If instead I am home, that means a hike with my dog where I offer up prayers and good thoughts for those near and dear to me, keeping their spirit alive within me while Taylor and I go on our way through the Marin Headlands. I offer thanks for the many blessings in my life that have been given me in the past and continue to play an important part in my present; and I focus on what currently is and what will be. What is my present? What am I creating for my future?

Because it’s New Years Day.
It’s the first day.

And anything is possible.

First things first.
I should get up.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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