New Years Eve 2015

I woke up this morning in Santa Barbara NYE with a whole lotta love. Instead of Led Zeppelin jamming in my head, the Beatles “I Just Saw a Face” played over and over again.

By 7:22 AM, Taylor and I were already on the beach along Cabrillo in Santa Barbara. The sun had risen. It’s beautiful here; of course, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

On a leash for a full two minutes before I decided to let him go, Taylor made a beeline for the water about fifty yards ahead of us. Along the way, he stopped to smell and pee on things we don’t normally find hiking the Marin Headlands. But he didn’t stop for very long. This dog was on a mission to stick his paws in the water. And he went in full steam, full of the vigor you wouldn’t normally see in a nine-year-old dog, but like his papa, he loved new places, new adventures and new things to do.

We were there for over ninety minutes. I’d never seen Taylor happier; and I’ve seen him happy a lot.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start the morning New Years Eve.

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