I Love Giving Treats!

Who wouldn’t want a treat?

I do!
We all do!

Taylor loves his treats.
He’ll do anything for them.
He’ll ignore a pack of dogs to play with for them.

I firmly believe it’s one of many signs of love I can give him, all of which pale in comparison to the unbridled joy and the unyielding love he has for me.

So that got me thinking, what are the treats we give others and how do we treat them? What are the treats we give ourselves? And how do we treat ourselves? It’s no coincidence the same word means different things that also happen to be related. One is a present; the other is a choice. And we get to decide if we treat others with treats, and if we decide to treat ourselves with treats.

So maybe it’s time to stop saying sorry or feeling sorry for things we did or did not do, for missed opportunities; and instead do the thing we didn’t do the first chance we had to do it.

Maybe what we need is a little more love… a little more kindness… a little more selflessness… a little more consideration… a little more of a little more…

The holiday season is over.
Or is it?
Just do it.

Sometimes I think we should all be more like dogs.
They’ve got it figured out.
Time for treats!

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