This chilly afternoon, I donated more items to St. Anthony’s (which is now becoming a regular treat for me; and it’s only fitting that I wrote this from Christmas Point Road at Twin Peaks cos even in months not named December, I feel like I’m living in the middle of a very merry Christmas season). Afterwards, I decided on a whim to drive to (the aforementioned) Twin Peaks before heading home. In the past, I’ve used the words epic and magical and beautiful and fantastic quite often. With respect to the city of San Francisco, those words never get old and they always apply. I’ve often said to those wanting to visit, that what’s so magnificent about San Francisco is what is outside of San Francisco. Becoming a man in Chicago, I have extremely high expectations for a city. I realize the more and more I explore San Francisco that even though what’s outside it is fantastic, what lays inside is also truly amazing. A visit to Twin Peaks just proved that.

Standing atop one of the peaks, I could only think this must be what’s meant by harmony in the universe. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of another city in the States where sitting amongst nature provides such a stunning vantage point to view the city while in the city.

Before me, I could see far and wide, the city laid before me at my feet. The Golden Gate majestically stretched out to my left. Beyond it, the large hills of the Headlands provided a gentle landscape of green, as Marin – my home – surrounded us. Alcatraz stood in solitary confinement directly ahead, and the skyscrapers of the financial district to my right. Beyond it across the waters, the East Bay rested under the afternoon clouds. Birds flew into the brisk air, cutting into the wind freezing my bald head. (This was an impromptu decision, so my head was unprepared, naked to the sun and wind.

I loved it so much, I spent another couple hours at Twin Peaks again the next day.

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