I wrote this last year in October, which turned out to be an epic month. Derek and Tucker had come to stay with Taylor and I for a week; and we went everywhere. Once they left, I went on a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge the next night, parking at the very top of the trail, and walking to Hawk Hill. It was no surprise that the colours were brilliant that eve; and even after the sun went down, the city lit up like a Christmas tree.

Long after the others had left, I was alone in the dark sitting atop Hawk Hill the last remnants of the sun waving goodbye to the horizon. I’d been sitting here a while and I stayed for a while longer before walking to the other side of the tunnel to see the Golden Gate Bridge lit in all her majesty along with the city.

I smiled a big smile, the kind you smile after something life changing had just happened, where you know that the other side of the hill is significantly better because of the climb, the struggle, and that you became a better version of who you were, who you were always meant to be.

These days, I smile big smiles quite a bit. Tomorrow, I hope to do the same.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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