Finding Balance

I read this again tonight, but can find no context of when I wrote it, or why, whether this is part of a conversation with another, whether I even wrote it, though it seems like something I would write. And perhaps that mystery in and of itself makes this a worthwhile read for me to ponder. So here it goes, something that I may or may not have written, at a moment either in the not too distant past or significantly far back that it was from another time and place.

I can be self absorbed. I am trying hard to find balance in an unbalanced world. Maybe I shall write about that….which is….’how to share love for those you love in a very busy world…without seeming like a mere visitor to their life’. Not easy.

I believe it’s about living in those moments, loving those moments, the quality of those moments and sharing them with the ones you love. In their presence, just be, just see, just do, just woo.

Well…the problem is that I have no resolve….only a mention and recognition of the challenge. It is not easy. I am trying hard. But, like you I have a great life. Awesome family. Incredible friends. If I ever have money that made a difference, I think I would wish I could buy time….it is more important than any other thing. Other than health. That’s really important too. Health number one. Time a close two.

It’s not easy at all. The mention and recognition I’m quite certain is the first step. And that’s more than most. You’re missing a step after that and before – resolve. It’s effort. And you put a lot of effort into your relationships. A lot. And that is, again, more than most would do. And my honest opinion is that you also have resolve.

Go Adventure. Go Travel. Go Live.

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