Full Moon. Full Day.

I keep lifting then setting the pin on the record player, cos these last three days seem like a broken record. The till is seemingly endless. Beautiful sunrise. Early morning hike with Taylor. Get things done. Wonderful dinner. Amazing sunset. Full moon rise. Ho hum.

This morning once again greeted me with another breathtaking sunrise. It truly never gets old. Speaking of old, Taylor and I took our old legs into the Marin Headlands, like we have so many times before. He doesn’t walk as far anymore as his steps quicken when heading home as opposed to when leaving it, tongue dropped whether headed in either direction, which is why every moment between us is so cherished.

Later in the day, we had a friend over for dinner, which reminded me of my evenings in Chicago when I regularly entertained guests, something I have done less frequently in Sausalito. I made Tom Yum (hot and sour Thai soup) with shrimp and scallops followed by Pad Ka Praw (basil chicken) served over a bed of basmati rice. The 2012 Cornerstone Pinot Noir perfectly complemented what we ate; or maybe dinner complemented the wine. And of course, we had to have dinner served on the balcony, with my potted plants surrounding us, Taylor beside me at my feet.

Like the previous two evenings, the sky was stunning, with a beautiful sunset accompanied by clouds brilliantly pink, purple, and orange against the blue skies. And just like that, without warning, just when you think our view could not get more beautiful, a full moon popped up all of a sudden, rising to our very right, just above the horizon and the San Francisco skyline.

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