Linus and The American Boy

Sleepy Tay is something else.

This evening, snuggled and cuddled in his bed (of which he has several, in this case it was the one on the floor next to the kitchen) with his blanket swaddled over and under him, he got up and walked to the living room. I knew what was happening.

Taylor has a habit of sleep walking. He looks awake, but he’s not. I like to call it his sleepy-awake look.

With the blanket still draped over him, he sat down at the living room, staring at me but not really looking at me. Sleep-walking Taylor is something else.

After a bit of cajoling, he willed himself to his original bed and then finally onto his very own couch, his blanket still on him like a cape in his very own superhero movie. He’s got more beds than I do. He’s my superman to my batman. I am The Dark Knight.

After quite a few minutes of a head massage that I wish were part of my nightly existence, he fell asleep.

He’s snoring deeply now.

I’ve no doubt in my mind, he’ll sleep walk again.

With his blanket of course.

Linus would be jealous.

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